Castle of Santa Maria da Feira History and Beauty


The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira, located in the city of Santa Maria da Feira, is one of the most imposing and well-preserved medieval castles in Portugal. With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, this magnificent fortress is a true treasure of Portuguese cultural heritage. With its imposing walls, medieval architecture and fascinating legends, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is an irresistible invitation to travel back in time and explore a glorious past.

Castelo de Santa Maria da Feira História e Beleza

From the Middle Ages to the Present Day: A Unique Cultural Heritage

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira was built during the 11th century, at a time when Portugal was in full formation as a nation. Over the centuries, the castle has undergone several architectural changes, but even today it maintains its original structure, making it an exceptional example of medieval military architecture. Recognized as a National Monument since 1910, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is a cultural treasure that preserves the memory and identity of the Portuguese people.

Glimpse the Castle Walls

When entering the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira, it is impossible not to be impressed by the gigantic walls that surround it. With more than 600 meters in perimeter, these walls have witnessed numerous historical events over the centuries. Walking along the walls, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside, immersing yourself even more deeply in the unique atmosphere of this historic monument.

Medieval Architecture the Charm and Mystery of the Castle

The architecture of the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is a true delight for lovers of history and the Middle Ages. With its imposing towers, drawbridges and inner courtyards, the castle transports visitors back to a time of knights and princesses. Every stone and every architectural detail tells a story, inviting visitors to explore and imagine the lives that unfolded there over the centuries.

The Keep the Testimony of the Glorious Past

The Torre de Menagem is the focal point of the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira. This imposing structure, erected in the 15th century, served as the donatory’s residence and fortress. With four floors and a height of 27 meters, the Torre de Menagem offers breathtaking views and is the perfect place to learn a little more about the history of the castle. Climbing its stone steps, visitors are transported into a world of medieval battles and intrigues.

Discover the Legend of the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira

As could not be missing from a castle with centuries of history, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira has its own legend. The legend of “Princesa Santa Joana” tells the story of a princess who lived in the castle during the time of the Moorish invasions. According to legend, the princess would have fallen in love with a knight, but forbidden love would have been the reason for her premature death. The legend involves mystery and romance, and is still told today as part of the rich oral tradition of the place.

Cultural events

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is not only a historic monument, but also a living place where culture and tradition are celebrated. Throughout the year, the castle is the stage for a series of cultural events, such as the Medieval Fairs, where it is possible to relive the atmosphere of the Middle Ages through performances, dances, music and typical cuisine. These events provide a unique experience for visitors, immersing them fully in the history and culture of the castle.

Discover the Treasures Guarded by the Castle

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira houses several historical treasures inside, which allow us to better understand life in the Middle Ages. In its halls, it is possible to find a collection of ancient weapons, furniture from the medieval period and works of art that depict historical scenes. These treasures are true windows into the past, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s history and culture.

An Invitation to the Imagination

Visiting the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is like embarking on a journey through history and imagination. Each stone, each tower and each legend tells a story, arousing visitors’ curiosity and enchantment. Whether exploring the walls, learning about medieval architecture or discovering hidden treasures, the castle is an invitation to imagination and reflection on the past.

Guided Tour: Explore the corners of the Historic Monument

To make the most of your visit to the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira, it is highly recommended to join a guided tour. Expert guides offer an in-depth look at the castle’s history and curiosities, leading visitors to explore the most fascinating corners of this historic monument. With a guided tour, it is possible to appreciate even more the cultural and architectural riches of this Portuguese treasure.

A Stroll Through the Castle Gardens

In addition to its imposing structure, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira also has beautiful gardens that invite visitors to a peaceful and relaxing walk. With its centuries-old trees, fountains and flowerbeds, the castle gardens offer stunning views and a serene setting in which to enjoy nature. A walk through the gardens is the perfect opportunity to contemplate the grandeur of the castle and enjoy moments of peace and tranquility.

Plan Your Visit and Enjoy

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is an unmissable destination for all lovers of history and culture. With its medieval architecture, fascinating legends and vibrant cultural events, this historic monument delights visitors of all ages. When planning your visit, be sure to take advantage of a guided tour to explore every corner of this cultural treasure. Take time to enjoy the stunning views from the gardens and delve into the stories and legends that permeate the castle. Get ready for a trip back in time and allow yourself to be enchanted by the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira, a true treasure of Portuguese heritage.

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