Cuba a true treasure to be explored


Cuba is a country full of charm, with a history and culture that captivates visitors from the moment they arrive. From the stunning architecture of Havana to the idyllic beaches of Varadero, there are endless things to see and do in Cuba. In this article, we will explore some of the wonders this Caribbean country has to offer.

Cuba a true treasure to be explored

Discover the wonders of Cuba

Cuba is a destination full of natural and cultural wonders. Start your journey by exploring the famous city of Havana, where colonial architecture and vintage cars will create a nostalgic and enchanting atmosphere. Next, visit the impressive Cienfuegos, known as the “Pearl of the South”, and marvel at its neoclassical architecture. Be sure to explore the ancient city of Trinidad, which has cobbled streets and colorful houses, transporting you back in time.

Explore the rich Cuban culture

One of Cuba’s greatest assets is its vibrant culture. Discover the story of the Cuban revolution at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana, or learn about the life and work of famous writer Ernest Hemingway at his former home, Finca Vigía. Also, be sure to visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, which houses an impressive collection of Cuban and international art.

Rest on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean

Cuba is known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Enjoy the sun and sea on the stunning beaches of Varadero, Cayo Coco and Guardalavaca. Relax on a sun lounger, dive into the turquoise sea and enjoy the tranquility that these paradisiacal destinations offer.

Visit historic colonial cities

Cuba is famous for its well-preserved colonial cities, which tell the story of the country. Explore the narrow streets and colorful buildings of Havana Vieja, the historic center of Havana, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Also visit Trinidad, a magnificent colonial city, where you can walk along the cobbled streets and appreciate the Spanish colonial architecture.

Savor delicious local cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean influences, resulting in tasty and unique dishes. Don’t forget to try the traditional rice and beans, the famous lechón (roast pork) and the delicious mojito. Also take the opportunity to explore the street markets and try the fresh fruits and tropical juices.

Dance to lively Cuban music

Cuba is known worldwide for vibrant and danceable music. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of salsa, Cuban sounds and reggaeton as you explore Havana’s lively bars and clubs. Learn to dance salsa at one of the city’s many dance schools and discover why Cuba is considered the birthplace of diverse musical styles.

Discover the traditions and customs of the Cuban people

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in Cuban culture is to learn about the traditions and customs of the Cuban people. Take part in a Santería ceremony, an Afro-Cuban religion that combines elements of Catholicism and African religions. Also visit a cigar factory and learn about the tradition of making Cuban cigars, considered the best in the world.

Uncover the mysteries of Cuba Island

Cuba is an island full of mysteries and legends. Explore the Bellamar Caves, near Matanzas, and discover impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Also visit the mysterious Cave of Saturn, an impressive setting with crystal clear waters where you can swim and explore a unique underground landscape.

Marvel at Havana’s unique architecture

Havana is famous for its unique architecture, which mixes colonial, neoclassical and art deco styles. Stroll around the city and admire the colorful buildings and stunning facades. Be sure to visit the Capitolio Nacional, inspired by the United States Capitol, and the Gran Teatro de La Habana, a masterpiece of neo-baroque architecture.

Venture into stunning natural landscapes

In addition to the paradisiacal beaches, Cuba has a rich variety of natural landscapes. Explore Viñales National Park, famous for its mogote mountains and tobacco plantations. Take a hike through the Sierra Maestra and discover lush landscapes and hidden waterfalls. Also venture out onto the trails of the Topes de Collantes National Park and marvel at the stunning flora and fauna.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Cuban nightlife

Cuba is known for its vibrant nightlife, which combines music, dance and entertainment. Enjoy a night of jazz at one of Havana’s famous clubs, such as La Zorra y El Cuervo, or dance to Cuban music at one of the city’s salsa clubs. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an authentic Cuban rumba, a traditional dance full of energy and passion.

Cuba is a country full of treasures to discover, from its rich and vibrant culture to its paradisiacal beaches and historic cities. Whether exploring Havana’s unique architecture, savoring the delicious local cuisine or delving into the lively Cuban nightlife, a trip to Cuba is sure to be unforgettable. So, pack your bags and embark on an incredible journey through the land of cigars, rum and infectious music.

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